Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January Full Moon

The moon this time of year is always special because it sets in the extreme northwest. In the winter, the moon sets over the Rincon area mountains instead of "into" the ocean, like the sun does when it sets this time of year. Now that we have a second story, I can watch the moonset when I get up in the morning. I took these pictures on the morning of January 11th.

This weekend, I took these pictures while we walked to and from my birthday dinner at Tokyo Wako in Arcadia. Just like it doesn't normally rain on my birthday, it doesn't rain when there is a full moon.

A Rainy January 14th!

I can count with the fingers on one hand the number of times it has rained on my birthday! It was light when I got up, but it was definitely rain!
We left Bob watching the rain in Ventura and we headed down to Redondo for a late morning haircut with Kathy and an afternoon in my favorite place where I grew up.

The rain was pretty much over by the time we got to the Redondo Pier. This wasn't the year to sit in the sand for my traditional sushi-on-the-beach lunch, but after clam chowder and fried clams at Quality Seafood, we took a walk - under dry skies - around the pier. Until Kathy asked me about it during my haircut, it didn't dawn on me that Tom and I have been walking on the pier together for nearly 39 years! Come to think of it, we have been eating Quality chowder together since 1967, although Quality was up on the original pier back then!

We left the Pier and took a leisurely drive through L.A. We drove to West LA for a quick visit with the Fletchers (in their new home!), then drove through Downtown, Pasadena, and then checked-in to our hotel in Arcadia - just in time to watch the sunset!