Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changing to Fall Colors - Leaves AND Fish!

With the first day of Fall this week, we expect - even in SoCal - to see some of the trees turning orange and red. Seems the old goldfish (the ones born in the pond last year) have also decided to change colors this season. All three of the surviving goldfish (they survived last fall's infamous racoon attacks!) kept their black color until this spring when one of them turned orange . . . then orange and white . . . and now that one is totally white in color. The other two are just beginning to turn from totally black . . . to black and gray . . . and now are beginning to show some orange!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn Has Arrived . . . .

. . . You can tell because the "wildlife" in our backyard has changed. The little yellow birds have reappeared (I'm still trying to have my camera with me when they come to the pond.) The monarch butterflies are starting to be seen on plants and floating through the air. The hummingbirds are also back, and it looks like the racoons are beginning to revisit the pond. All are welcome in our backyard - as long as they don't tear anything up (and in the case of the coons, they don't try to eat our fish!)