Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer is almost here . . . and raccoons have arrived!

The unofficial beginning of summer came and went (Sam, Jenn, and Meg came down for the Memorial Day holiday and we all went to UCLA for the Reggae Festival). A couple of days ago, we celebrated Hannah's, Dillon's, and several others' graduations from high school. That same day was Tom's last day of teaching for the year and yesterday I cleaned and re-did the pond while Tom cleaned his classroom and put it away for the summer. It's still not June 21st but summer is here!

For the past two weeks, we have suspected a raccoon has been in the yard. Thankfully, it appears to have given up trying to catch anything in the ponds (too deep and steep - yay!) but the water bowls have been muddy every morning and I've seen tracks here and there. This morning, as I was about to get dressed for work, I saw this Mom and Cub coming out from under our backporch. I quickly turned on my FlipVideo and followed them as they climbed over the fence. The cub saw me and climbed the tree but Mom climbed up after it (after I had gone inside for a while) and pretty soon they both came down again. Don't know why they came out in daylight.