Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Moon, A Star, and Two Planets This Morning

I got up early to try catching up on two weeks' of unread email but was blessed to see the pre-dawn sky instead. The email could wait another day! Not only were Venus and the waning moon rising, but the wind blew the sky clear enough to see Saturn and Regulus! (If you click on the first two of my photos, you should be able to see Regulus and Saturn a little better.)Be sure to check out the links to the University of Texas StarDate Online - I saved a copy of their diagram and the accompanying text in case it disappears from the UT web site next week:Stargazing Tip for October 7
The crescent Moon, two stars, and a planet form a beautiful lineup at first light tomorrow. Venus, the “morning star,” stands well above the Moon. The planet Saturn and the star Regulus are between Venus and the Moon, with Saturn the brighter of the two.