Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celebration Time

September 11 and 13 are always special times of year for us since those are the dates of our wedding anniversary and Sam's birthday. This year, we started celebrating on the 9th since it was the most convenient day to have our annual co-anniversary dinner with Richard and Nancy. Between our two couples, our September 11th anniversaries total 72 years! After toasts with Polly, Dillon, and Hannah at R&N's (thanks for taking our pictures, Dillon!) we had a fun and delicious dinner in Ojai at Bodee's. The celebration level was increased by adding Tommy B's birthday to the festivities.
Much later that same night, Sam, Jenn, and Doug arrived with Diesel. This gave us a couple of good visiting days (and a Monday Night football get-together) with Sam and his friends, and on the 11th, another anniversary-birthday dinner in Downtown Ventura.