Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm Back and Hope to Return More Often

Ever since becoming active on Facebook, I've barely visited this blog. Then in early January, I tried to renew my domain and had no luck until yesterday.  My automatic renewal setup didn't work and since the domain registration was no longer through a Google app payment program, I didn't have a clue as to what the password to the account was :-(
So later in January, I discovered my automatic payment had not gone through as I thought and I could no longer log into this blog. I didn't do anything about it until a week and a half ago.  It was too late to renew the domain name at the original $10 per year but I had a few more days to renew at $39.99 per year.  If I waited longer than the set time after non-renewal, I would have had to pay an extra $250.00 to regain "my" domain.
Tom and I decided to pay the new annual fee to keep my Ventura Dreaming site name and then the trouble really began!

I was caught in a Catch 22 - I was able to create and sign-in to the site in order to setup new automatic renewal payment instructions but because my ownership of the domain name had lapsed, I couldn't give the Google help people my password.

Through a long back-and-forth email conversation, they told me to ask for a new password. I did that but couldn't sign-in because without my instructions for renewal, the domain still didn't exist! By then I was ready to give up and wrote back that I had done all I could but they could have the domain name, I was through beating my head against a wall.

Finally, I got this reply back yesterday: 

Thank you very much for your response with all the needed information, approvals and password for verification.

I have successfully recovered and renewed your domain Your domain is now available in your direct account for management.

So after all that hassle for the past six weeks, Ventura Dreaming is back and I'm ready to post to this blog again!