Thursday, August 23, 2007

Historic Downtown Ventura on the IKEA site

I don't know how long this will remain active (I saved this screen shot, just in case) but IKEA had a contest for small businesses to win furniture by making videos about their town.This little video is a nice summary of the flavor of Downtown Ventura. Click on this posting title to see if the link is still active. To see all the entries (Old Town Lansing, Michigan, was the winner with 6727 votes) go to Kudos to Greg of Dexters Camera for this entry - with a 4th Place voting finish, it just missed being in the winner's circle!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Edison Lake and Mono Creek

Tom, Scott, Mike, and Don went on their annual Brotherhood of the Trout fishing trip from August 13-19. Since Tom had to go back to work by the 22nd, they made the trip just in time. As they have for a few years, they fished and hiked Mono Creek, getting themselves and their gear across Edison lake via a ferry. This year, however, the lake level was much lower than normal because it had been used to fill the lower lakes. (The tree stumps in this picture are normally under water.)Since the ferry couldn't take them as far as they have gone in the past, they weren't able to setup camp where they had planned and actually camped on the lakebed. In spite of that, they had a great time and hiked up to some beautiful fishing spots - as Tom's picture of Scott proves!Tom has finally gotten used to digital photography so didn't hold back to save film or experiment with exposures and angles. Click on this posting's title to see more of his photos from that trip.