Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Graduation Time

This past weekend was a time of celebrations and great times with old friends. We drove up to San Luis Obispo on Friday and enjoyed Julie's celebration dinner at the 1865 Restaurant. After dinner, we joined Julie, Gabe, and Jenn for drinks downtown. We then had the luxury of walking back just a couple of blocks to the Victorian house we were sharing with them and Julie's grandma. Commencement in the stadium was at 9 the next morning, followed by a smaller ceremony in the Rec Center for the Physical Science departments. Then lunch at Holly and Julie's house with more friends and family. Link to all the SLO pictures.

After we said our goodbyes to the Messers we started the slow drive down to Ventura. Between the Cal Poly and UCSB commencement ceremonies, all the beginning-of-summer-vacation travelers, and all the high school graduations between Ventura and SLO, it was a slow go up and down the 101. We finally got to the Francis's at 7:00; the Pattons left the 4:00 ceremony and got there at 9:00. It was party time again! More pictures from Kelly's BBQ.