Thursday, January 03, 2008

Looking Back at the Holidays: Christmas in Tahoe

The three of us spent Christmas Eve driving north and arrived at Sam and Jenn's house without needing to drive through weather. We had a wonderful Christmas Day and enjoyed a pleasant five days of visiting with Sam and his friends (human, canine, and feline). We got to relax around the house, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and a little fresh snow, and skied at Alpine Meadows and Homewood.Naturally, I took lots of photos and even put together a few videoclips.

Looking Back at the Holidays: Hundley Christmas in Ventura

It was nice to be home and see all three of "the kids" together at one time. Sam flew down on Friday and we had a Christmas celebration on the Saturday before Christmas with Dad, Jane, Ron, Bryan, April and Lindsay!
Ever since Sam moved up north, we have not had everyone together at one time - we only missed Tim and Mary Ann this year.