Monday, May 21, 2007

Watch This: The Machine is Us/ing Us

I found out about this video at our weekly Information /Reference meeting. Rory had attended a Generation Tech seminar and shared this during his report:

The Machine is Us/ing Us

This video was created at Kansas State University by Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthro, Mike Wesch. Take a look

Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 19th Moonset

Our new Nikkor 55-200mm digital zoom lens and tripod let me take this picture of the moon setting in the distance across the street. Click on the picture and you can even see the moon's craters! That's Venus below it - according to what I've read, this conjunction of Venus and the moon are most visible when the moon is waxing toward its new phase.


I'm just learning about birds. Is this a Wilson's warbler, a house sparrow, or what?What a joy to see this little guy come out of the avocado tree to bath and drink in our waterlily pond!(Remember to click on the photos to make them bigger; this was a pretty tiny bird and I was about twenty-five feet away.)
(You can see the rest of the pictures of this little bird on our photo album page.