Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Has Arrived!

The Summer Solstice arrived at 5:26am on the 21st, so it is fun to note that we were skiing in the Sierras the day before . . . and sweating in Redlands the day after. In between, we were home in Ventura - in "paradise" - where we often have fog at some point during the day, but where we mostly have perfectly mild and sunny weather! Even the cat, plants, and fish seem very content with life here.

Mammoth's Endless Winter 2006: June 19 & 20

It is soooo cool to be able to ski on the two days before the Summer Solstice! (And although they didn't ask us, we heartily recommend the Mammoth Mountain Inn's package. Tom, Sam, and I got lift tickets for two days and a place to stay for $82 per person - nothing like walking out the door in your socks, putting on your ski boots, and walking across the lot to the non-existent lift line!)

Sunshine and snow with my two favorite men . . . life can't get much better :-)