Monday, April 24, 2006

Life After Cabaret: Sam and Skiing

After a fun wrap party at the Ottsen's, we packed our gear, shipped off the rented props to History for Hire, and headed north the next day. In spite of the rain and snow (and fears of failing levees on the news), we made it to Squaw Valley in pretty good time - driving up on Monday made all the difference. We even got to see a huge rainbow on the way up - before we caught up to the black clouds and the downpours.

Sam got us a great deal on a wonderful room at the Olympic Village Inn - we had a fabulous view from our suite's balcony! (Unfortunately, we didn't see this blue sky until the day we left, but it was still wonderful to watch the snow flakes (and the rain drops) coming down from our cozy room.) Sam took very good care of his parents - besides the great lodging and his personalized ski tours, he got us comp lift tickets at Squaw and Northstar! Here he is looking very much like a Jedi ;-) before taking us skiing.

The weather and snow were better the day we went to Northstar, in fact, we missed avalanches back at Squaw while we were away that morning. Northstar is still constructing their Village. Here are Tom and Sam preparing to go skiing (Use the Force, Tom!)
As usual, the three of us had a great time and Sam made sure we got a good workout before he had to leave for work!

Sadly, all vacations must come to an end, so after lunch together, we had to bid farewell to "our boy" and the idyllic place in which he lives!