Friday, June 13, 2008

Amazing How One Second Can Change Your Life

That's what I heard several times this past weekend after stepping off the deck without planning to! I had finally finished my pond remodeling project the night before and was spacing out and admiring the results before I was truly awake . . .
Thank goodness Tom hadn't left yet, so we were able to spend time in the ER, get x-rays, and surgery before the sun set. Two nights and a morning at Community Memorial later, Tom was helping me back into the house.

I have a metal plate with six pins and two screws holding together the break and the fracture of my tibia and fibula (right ones) and I'm able to slowly move on crutches. My main responsibility (and goal) is to sit with my foot elevated for as long as possible until Tuesday morning when I will see the surgeon again. Now that I've stopped taking the pain pills, I feel better but it will be more work to sit still!
I will have to concentrate on sitting still!