Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We Hope This Works

We bought this ScareCrow contraption and set it up to protect our ponds at night. It shoots out water at high-pressure whenever something moves within range of the pond. Surprisingly, we got it for much less at Green Thumb Nursery - the place that normally costs much more than any other place! Hopefully, our three new koi and the goldfish in the lower pond will be safer now.
(If you click on the pictures, you can see the fish in a bigger format.)

Raccoon Rage?

Having caught one fish, with the smaller goldfish escaping the previous assault, one or more raccoons returned the next night and tried again!It/They must have been frustrated since our poor Avocado Gargoyle (a foam rubber statue that has been sitting under our avocado tree for years) was viciously attacked!They/It even tore our other yard decoration, the papier-mache triceratops' "face" off!It was definitely time for us to do something!

Raccoons on a Rampage

One day last week, we noticed that a raccoon had been in the yard and on the driveway and we were glad that our ponds seemed to be okay.
The next night, before we went to bed, we saw these prints near the back porch.

Unfortunately, we found all our ponds ransacked and water drained from all of them the next morning.

Looks like one went on reconnaissance and brought his buddies back!