Saturday, September 22, 2007

Turning from Black to Gold

After a major population explosion of black fish in the goldfish pond this summer . . . . . . in addition to the original year-old black fish that started turning orange a couple of months ago, some of the baby fish are changing colors!

September Rain

Yesterday and today brought big clouds, some wind, postcard views, and RAIN! The rain was scattered. Our rain gauge caught .2 inch in two days, but according to the L.A. Times and the Weather Underground, parts of Ventura got .1 inch of rain yesterday and .2 inch today. It got all the way up to 77 degrees and down to 54 last night - a pretty wide spread around here! The Times reported an interview with a JPL meteorologist who said the low-pressure system from the Aleutian Islands was moved down to SoCal by an "uncharacteristically southern-tending jet stream". It was then "orphaned" as the jet stream moved back north. It then became the cutoff low we're used to, as it swirled around off the coast and inland, until it finally came onshore. The rain we got was the first since the .04" that fell in April, but it also caused a rain delay to the Angel baseball game - the first in nine years!I walked on Mandalay Beach and actually got warm AND came home with a tan line on my arm! Besides beautiful cloud formations and views of the islands, there were more snowy plovers than I've ever seen in one place!