Friday, December 16, 2005

Computer Cat

I'm dreaming of . . . . a new computer, a laptop, actually. Not that I really need one, but I think the Christmas ads are beginning to have their effect on me! Too bad Tom and I are both too frugal to go out and spend that kind of money on something we don't really need. Other than the fact that computers keep getting better, we already have a perfectly good one to use daily. Plus the old Mac Performa pictured here . . . and the old Mac Classic that I may spraypaint gold and put into a shrine someday ;-)

Anyway, this is Bob doing his Computer Cat imitation. And, never to be outdone, this is Kate when she was doing her Kliban Cat impersonation.
What, you don't know about Kliban cats?
Although B.Kliban died in 1990, Big Cat, Hula Cat, and all the others live on.

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