Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Buddy Guy, Oh, Yeah!

Tom and I spent last weekend in L.A. with Craig and Renee and had such a great time! They had given us tickets to see Buddy Guy at the Hollywood House of Blues for Christmas, so we planned a mini-vacation around the show. Stayed at the Wilshire Grand and got to relax, walk around Hollywood and Downtown, and then got to enjoy an AWESOMELY good show. Oh baby, Buddy can play the blues! (Or, since life is a Cabaret these days, Ooooh jah!)
We took the Metro train to Hollywood and walked around like real tourists - Craig discovered that his fist is the same size as John Wayne's :-)As we walked along Hollywood Blvd. toward a quieter section of the area, we happened upon Don Knott's star - he had passed away the night before and people had left candles, flowers, notes, and gifts. It was definitely a poignant moment that night.

After a walk and lunch at The Pantry, almost 24 hours had passed since we left home - and it was time to go home with The Blues still running through our heads and souls!

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