Friday, June 30, 2006

Cal-Pac Annual Conference in Redlands

Tom and I left for Redlands after work on June 21 and arrived in time to check-into our Melrose dorm room (our annual U of R "home-away-from-home"), unpack, and get a pretty good amount of sleep before we were off and running the next morning. This was a better-than-average annual conference - it was shorter, daily Leadership Circles were added to the schedule, and Marjorie Suchocki gave us great Bible study lectures. Legislative sections only met once (I joined Johan in presenting our Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry resolution to the section voting on it) and although it was removed from the Consent Calendar, it was approved at the last plenary anyway.

I volunteered on the video team again, spending time engineering and logging. Tom and I sang in the Conference choir again, and although we were small (only three altos!) we did a pretty good job singing at the Retirement and Closing services.

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