Sunday, May 06, 2007

Late April Tulips

Burgandy Lace, to be exact. These bulbs were planted at the end of 1999 and have naturalized nicely - not the usual thing in SoCal! Take a look at the flowers and us over the years (with one exception, you can look at the bigger versions by clicking on them) . . .

2000, the first year:

2001, year 2:

2003, year 4:

2005, year 5
(Interesting to see that the group in the corner began to turn into Rembrandt-style tulips. Tom thinks I planted the varigated hybrids but I don't remember planting anything else in that spot.)
2006, year 6:

2007, Year 7. Last but not least, these were taken on April 26th of this year, at the end of Sam's visit:
(Will the group in the front be red again by 2008? Stay tuned!)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I should have noticed that... what a change!