Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Weather + Spring Flowers on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

It is cold again, at least for around here. It only got up to 55.4 °F / 13.0 °C for our high, and got down to 41.9 °F / 5.5 °C before sunrise. Rain is predicted all week, but only with 20%-30% chances today through Wednesday, and up to 40%-60% chance of rain Thursday - Sunday. Wish we could give Alan warmer weather when he gets here tomorrow, but I guess it's going to rain at least a little this week!Today was beautiful and sunny even though it was cool. I got some pruning and watering done and the air felt good. Beautiful clouds in the distance. Tom went fishing on the San Gabriel and ran into a little rain and saw snow fall in the higher elevations!Looking around the yard, we have a pretty good variety of narcissus bulbs in bloom. Sometimes called paperwhites, daffodils, or jonquils, here they are (click on them to enlarge).

Another bulb that is beginning to bloom is the grape hyacinth. These are actually much later to bloom than in past years; here are the first ones to open.

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