Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheers to Chicago

This town is so much fun! We got here Thursday evening and have been thoroughly enjoying our visit.We took the CTA train to Wrigley Field and went to a Cubs/Cardinals game Friday afternoon. After a brief rain, the sky turned blue and beautiful. We left in the 8th inning (Cardinals 8, Cubs 3) in order to make the YALSA Happy Hour and Fashion Show at the Westin, the first event before ALA really got started on Saturday. Our first dinner was just a few blocks from our hotel, the Elephant and Castle, a place we discovered on our first trip to Chicago.ALA was hectic but full of informative sessions and interesting and inspirational author talks. Lots of rushing back and forth between events in hotels on the Loop and events in the convention center but well worth the time. Tom spent most days exploring on his own but also attended some of the author talks and readings and Exhibit Hall events with his guest pass. With restaurants open late and mild summer nights past midnight, we found plenty of time to enjoy the city after ALA was over each night. Will post photo links after we get back.

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