Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'm Back - and on the Road to Zion

Wow, it's been over four months since I last updated this blog. I've actually written more on Pond Ponderings, and of course the CROP Hunger Walk needed (and needs) updating. I think Facebook is the biggest culprit - it so much easier to write one sentence and upload a few pictures. So I'm back with loads of flowers, fish, trips to visit Sam & Jenn, special occasions, and Bob updates to catch up with. This is the day after a wonderful, fun, sunny Memorial Day Weekend. I had to work Saturday, but Friday, Sunday, and Monday were great. Sam & Jenn came down Sunday evening and yesterday was the annual UCLA Reggae Festival. I stayed up late last night putting videos on YouTube and here is my favorite:

(You will eventually see all my videos from yesterday's festival on YouTube - just search for UCLA Reggae Festival 2010 venturahundleys.)

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