Friday, November 04, 2011

November Brings Rain, Snow, and an Update

Facebook makes it so easy to comment on things or share events and thoughts, I'm surprised to see how long it has been since I've "blogged". Today is my 5th anniversary of when I started working for Oxnard at the South Oxnard Branch Library - so nice it happens to be my "off-Saturday" so I have three days off this weekend and we're able to spend the time at Sam's house in Kings Beach. It's also nice Ann and Zane are always available to take care of Bob, the fish, and the house whenever we're away.
Life has been good for the most part - great most of the time with a few bumps along the way. Bryan married Jessica, Sam and Jenn broke up, Brooklyn is 1-year-old and Lindsay and April are expecting again. Tom and I celebrated our 40th anniversary in Italy!
I think I said the same thing a year ago, but I hope to post here again more often.

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