Friday, June 02, 2006

Reminders of Awesome Beauty

Funny that within a week, I was contacted by two separate people about using a copy of a photo I took back in 2004! Last Friday, a woman named Perrin Sparks called from Quadra Island to ask permission to use one of my vacation photos as a basis for a sketch she is going to do. She is an artist and her web site is linked here: Then when I checked my email this morning, I found a request forwarded from the library web site, from someone in Dordogne! Marcus Smith is creating a web site about black bamboo and liked the photo I took at Lotusland when a group of us from work went over there a couple of years ago! It's pretty cool and amazing how "googling" for an image on the internet can connect people from so many places! (And while I'm in my "librarian still amazed at how information is organized and shared" mode, I find it equally interesting that Sam, who lives on North Lake Tahoe, uses this Quadra Island, British Columbia, sunset as his My Space profile photo!)

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