Friday, August 18, 2006

Ben Harper & Damian Marley at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Damian Marley @ SB

Tom and I went to the Ben Harper/Damian Marley concert at the SB Bowl on the 16th and were treated to a fabulous night of music. Damian opened the show at 6:30 and put on a great performance - no wonder Sam is a fan! Wish I'd brought my camera - thanks to the people who posted these videos on You Tube.

Ben & Damian @ SB Bowl

Towards the end of the first hour, Damian and his band joined Ben and the Innocent Criminals in this song. It was cool that Tom and I had gotten to see Bob Marley perform this same piece, in the same place, back in 1979! (It was weird to be the oldest people in the audience, though - no matter where I looked, there didn't seem to be anyone older than us!)

Ben Harper The Greek 8-11

This was shot at the Greek Theater in LA - yes, that's a Dodger shirt this guy from Claremont is wearing! This video was filmed during one of the concerts that took place the weekend before the two Santa Barbara Bowl shows; what a talented and versatile musician! Having only heard his ballads, I had no idea how close to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn Ben Harper is! (If you go to: and click on the on the road link, you can look up August 16, 2006, and see the set list for the night.)

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