Tuesday, August 15, 2006

. . . Pond Maintenance and Nurturing Goes On and On . . .

The sad saga continues . . . the two fish pictured in yesterday's post are dead. With a lot of luck, though, the third - very camera-shy and feisty, maybe-not-even-a-koi-but-a-goldfish - fish might just survive the Pond of Mysterious Koi Deaths. With Tom back in town to corral my impatient, just-do-it NOW tendencies, we drained the pond yet again and this time, will wait a few of days (luckily, I won't have time until the weekend) to totally clean out the pond before refilling it with new plants and fish. (Too bad Scott's Alexander Stone, with all of it's beautiful crystals, hasn't helped keep the last batch of koi alive, but maybe if I can be patient and wait a while . . .)(8/17/06 update: We put the surviving fish in the barrel with the water lilies and we are assuming it is still alive in there.)

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