Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Gorgeous and Mild January 14th

Aaahhh . . . I am soooo lucky to get these gorgeous sunny and warm birthdays. It seems to be part of the normal SoCal climate to have rain that washes the air and land clean the week before, so we have blue skies and warm winds by the middle of the month. As is my birthday tradition, I had to walk on the beach and enjoy the weather, so I spent my lunch hour on Hueneme Beach and just sighed with pleasure!
(Had to try self-timing a self-portrait or two . . .
but it took a few tries to find the right place to stand!)

Tom and I had a nice dinner at Eric Ericsson's on the Ventura Pier. Of course, the celebration won't be limited to just one day, especially a work day, so stay tuned!

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